Fatter or fitter?

When I lived in Australia I gained 2 stone in weight, yep 6 months in the 40 degree Aussie summertime and I returned with a lot more than just happy memories. The reason for this extreme fluctuation? KFC. Among other things, but yes I ate a lot of KFC, like a lot a lot, like bordering on addiction a lot. Before I left I didn’t actually care for it, however it is different over there. I know I know the old ‘all the fast food is slightly different here therefore I must try everything to compare’, but KFC truly is a lot better. This wasn’t helped along by the fact that one of my cousins who I was living with at the time and his girlfriend worked there – and got free food. This need to try every junk food, as well as the generosity of my family who I stayed with equalled a fat Hope. To be fair I did (what I thought was) a lot of exercise, exploring new places, walking on the beach, I had a part time job in a shop, I even climbed a mountain (I threw up on the way up as I was so unfit). Alas I simply wasn’t burning the calories I was taking in, fair enough, my body reacted in the natural way to this and I gained weight. Fortunately I did have a bit of a wake up call after climbing the mountain and not being able to walk for 2 days after, literally. So I bucked my ideas up, cut the calories and upped the exercise, and I lost the weight. 
I have never done as much manual labor as I have in the past 2 weeks. I have gotten up at 5:30AM each day and got on with whatever tasks have been assigned to me, and it feels great. There is a lot of peacefulness in manual labor. It just so happens that the work is heavy duty gardening, on a never ending property, on a hill – a very very steep hill. There’s no, oh I left my gloves on the window sil let me go and get them a minute – ok see you in an hour after your hike up and down a very very steep hill. I definitely feel fitter and stronger in my 2 short weeks here, however I don’t feel any lighter. I know what you’re thinking, it’s only been 2 weeks, but humour me for a minute. My belly feels, if anything, bigger. The most plausible reason? Food. Since I have been in Italy I have eaten a large portion of pasta or rice EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And I’m loving it. As well as the bread – there is so much bread. Is this going to be a repeat of Australia? I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care, I am just living in the moment. If I want it I will eat it (not that I didn’t before). Obviously with all the manual labor I am bound to be hungrier than when I was in my desk job, and I am also getting fitter and healthier with fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden.
In a lot of ways fitness and weight management are about routine: “I will walk this far everyday at 7pm”, “I will eat this much at this time”, and what happens when you travel? You break the routine. Not only that but as I have experienced, exposure to new and exciting food can also cause fluctuations. But you know what, why shouldn’t you be able try all the new and interesting foods you want? You may never return to this place again! Surely food is one of the best things about travelling. I guess what I’m trying to say is yes, my experience in America would not have been as good if I hadn’t eaten all those corn dogs. Did anyone care or even notice my weight gain in Australia? No. Did I have an amazing time? Am I currently having the most amazing time experiencing new and exciting foods? Yes. In my experience, travelling has made me fatter at some points and fitter at some points, but (most importantly of all) much much happier. 
Bon apetite!


One thought on “Fatter or fitter?

  1. Really enjoyed reading the latest addition to your blog ,you tell things so well and I really don’t want it to finnish . What a great time your having and it is such a wonderful experience .you’ll always look nice to me Fat or Thin. Ha ha . Take great care always.


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