Crisis move 1: America

Last year I found myself at the low point of my life so far. This was for a number of reasons, none of which are worthy of your sympathy or my further explanation. However, I viewed this period as a time to experience all of the things that I believed I was not able to before. Meaning that I wanted to travel. At the time I viewed myself as brave when I made this decision, and in a lot of ways I was, but I also embarked on this life changing experience in the safest way I knew. Firstly I decided to travel to America, a country where I speak same language as the locals (although at times it didn’t feel like it) and a country that I felt I knew a lot about from the popularity of American culture within the UK media (I was wrong) . Secondly, I decided to travel through an organisation called Camp America who held my hand through the entire process. Thousands of people from across the country were in exactly the same position as me, signing up to work at a summer camp in America for 3 months. Although to me I was all alone with an epic adventure ahead of me (I was right). If I could go back in time I would not change my decision to use the Camp America program as there are experiences absolutely unique to working in an American summer camp. I am reminded of these almost daily in my everyday life and they never fail to make me smile, or even laugh out loud on occasion. Using an organisation was a perfect first step for an inexperienced traveller, but sometimes I wonder how different it would have been if I had been more independent about it. After all wasn’t that what I was seeking? A chance to discover who I really was in an Eat Pray Love sort of way?

Lesson learnt:

Taking a first step is hard, and it’s ok to seek support and guidance.

More posts to come on the incredible and surprising lessons I learnt whilst living and working at a summer camp in Vermont USA.


One thought on “Crisis move 1: America

  1. Great post – I wouldn’t feel like there’s anything wrong about using an organisation! – It’s still an extremely new experience and adventure for you, and they just help facilitate that.

    I can understand completely about how you encounter reminders of camp everyday – I guess it’s something that lives on WAY beyond the all-too-short 2 months in the summer!

    Looking forward to more posts!


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